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June 01, 2005

News Stuff (6/1/05)

Vincent Buzard, the new head of New York's State Bar, wants to rein in sensational lawyers ads, promote an independent judiciary, and expand programs to provide legal services and education.    . . . .    Here's the story of the lawyer who negotiated the revelation of the identity of Watergate informant "Deep Throat."    . . . .     Students are suing their way to become valedictorians, says this New Yorker article.  Now, I can lawyer bash with the best of them, but isn't this another case where people were out of control before they called for lawyers?    . . . .    There's been a lot of discussion about the PETA members who get hired by companies solely to expose their alleged mistreatment of animals.  In this article, everyone seems to be siding against the employee.  In legal ethics, there is a continuing debate about the extent to which lawyers can participate in stings, traps, and snares, but in some states you can lose your law license for being involved with that sort of deception.    . . . .    Korea is considering judicial and legal reforms.    . . . .    This lawyer specializes in representing University of Washington athletes who get into trouble.    . . . .    Sir David Clementi's proposed reforms of the UK legal system do not sit well with other European regulators.    . . . .    A Singapore judge sentenced Mahadevan Lukshumayeh to nine months in jail for practicing law without a license.  I wonder if there's ever been a more famous jail sentence for that crime than the one that was imposed on Everett Ulysses McGill.


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