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November 28, 2007

Our Readers Have Good Taste

According to the ABA Journal, you're reading one of the top 100 law-related blogs in the country.  That fact and fifty cents will get us a copy of the Boston Globe, but I suppose there are worse distinctions.

Update: If you like to spend your time on meaningless polls, click here and vote for us.  I wouldn't have thought to put up a link, but since our friendly competitor, the Legal Profession Blog, is asking for votes, I can't resist doing the same.  I'd hate to give my colleague over at that blog, Jeff Lipshaw, any bragging rights.  I abused him tirelessly for his poor performance in our law school's fantasy baseball league, so I can only imagine my fate if this blog loses to his.  So spare me the indingity, and vote for us.   Voting ends on January 2.

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*sheds small tear in pride, then returns to ethicizing*

Posted by: John Steele | Nov 28, 2007 2:23:43 PM

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